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Simply News

LiveJournal's text-only news community

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News community uses simple formatting again
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theljstaff wrote in simplynews
We are posting to let you know we will no longer be heavily formatting news posts from this point forward -- please see yesterday's news post an example of the much more simplified style we will be using from now on.

We will therefore be shutting this simplynews community down in the next few days, to ensure people aren't watching a community that will no longer be updated. Please re-friend or re-track the main news community if needed so you can be assured of keeping up with all of the latest LiveJournal news.

Thank you!

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Well this was a pointless endeavor.

Bring back subject headers!

Can't say I'm surprised - the formatted thing was useless.

What would be even more useful is re-enabling subject headers for comments in the free styles etc.

I'm kind of impressed. Good choice!


And it only took you how many months ...?

Now if you could bring the subjects lines back too....

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