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LJ News: February 24th, 2012
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theljstaff wrote in simplynews

Release 89: Top Entries, Commenting Updates, and More

The latest LiveJournal site update – Release 89 – is alive and kicking. Noteworthy changes include:

  • Popular Entries now on the LiveJournal homepage: This fun new feature highlights the 25 most viewed public community entries (not flagged as adult concepts or adult content) on LiveJournal. The homepage feature also links to an expanded list of popular community entries that you can sort by page views or visitors. Learn more about this feature in this FAQ.
  • Purging of inactive accounts: As we noted earlier, inactive accounts are being deleted from the system. Any account that hasn't been logged into for two years and has never posted an entry will be subject to removal.
  • Classic commenting format for Minimalism styles: A new commenting scheme that mimics the previous default commenting scheme has been developed for Minimalism styles. This option is available on the Customize journal page by enabling customized comment pages and enabling the "Use classic commenting page" option.

Check out lj_releases for complete details related to Release 89.

Announcing LJ Media; Plus: Community Leader Summit

Last week was an exciting and busy one for LiveJournal. It began with the official announcement of LJ Media, a new online publishing group created to find active and interesting LiveJournal communities that desire to grow, and then help transform them into media sites. Along with this announcement, the first LiveJournal Community Leader Summit was held in San Francisco. Joining us for a day of presentations, discussion, and good food were awesome owners and mods from six LiveJournal communities that are also the inaugural sites within LJ Media: Anything Diz, Arama They Didn’t, VaginaPagina, Craftgrrl, ONTD Political and ONTD Games. We plan 40-50 LJ Media communities by the end of 2012. Learn more.

Featured Communities

Craftgrrl presents Crafts for Charity

Crafting community craftgrrl is collecting pillowcases for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Check out this creative cause that's bringing comfort to hospitalized children.

Photophile picture of the week

Congrats to harnessphoto, winner of last week's lj_photophile contest! This week's contest is in full swing. Vote for your favorite photo!

Free vGift for Paid and Permanent Members

If you have a Paid or Permanent account, you can send six Blue Dragons now until Monday, February 27th, at midnight, PDT! You'll see both the free and the $0.99 vGifts displayed until you've sent them to your friends.

LJ Scribe Announcements

Congratulations to darklotus1211, macaparket, monochrome_song, and blueskywriter, who won prompt #51 of our lj_scribe writing contest! We've selected 6 finalists in response to our 52nd prompt theme for your review.

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WHY don't you bring back subject headers for all styles???

At least this doesn't waste more than half the screen width.

Edited at 2012-02-24 11:38 pm (UTC)

Re: WHY don't you bring back subject headers for all styles???

+1 on both points. At least this body font is big enough for me to read...

Re: WHY don't you bring back subject headers for all styles???

Last night this community had 56 watchers - today it's 96. I suspect we'll soon have a LOT more...

Oh good, you're using classic comments?

Then let me comment here so you can see the userpic I've been trying to put on all my comments about your broken crap elsewhere.

Edited at 2012-02-25 12:08 am (UTC)

Okay, so on the main news post, the font in the post itself is tiny, but the comments are fine. In this post, the body of the post is in the standard size, but the comments use a smaller font. What gives?

This version looks really good on my iPod. Links are clear, no weird resizing problems, and the lovely pulldown menu for icons. And comment preview works! Well-done!

However, the "change user" and user pulldown menus are broken; I couldn't post anonymously, for example, only as my logged in account.

You wouldn't be able to post as anon here anyway, it's disabled...

Nor would I want to! However, being unable to chane users is a major flaw of the way the comment system works on my mobile device. Hitting From and Other user are both useless

Oh, this layout is sooo much better, even with the wonky fonts.

Thanks to whoever came up with this.

No mention of the changes you made to user profiles?

I would really like to know what's up with that, please.

I like the formatting links in the comment box. But could you please also re-establish the one button where you could highlight part of a comment and quote it in your reply?

I also like that the icon keywords show up again when you hover over them.

I still miss the subject lines. Well not really, because I installed a userscript that lets me post subject lines and another one that lets me preview my comment, but you know what I mean.

Please also consider other layouts when you issue fixes. I am quite fond of Smooth Sailing because it lets me read my friends page from top to bottom and still read the entries chronologically.

You've discontinued LiveJournal singles?!

Why? It didn't exactly cost you anything to have this directory.
Also, canceling without so much as a word to the users is bad form.

Re: You've discontinued LiveJournal singles?!

Did anyone actually use singles? As I recall it was one of the first things Dreamwidth ripped out when they started cleaning up the LJ code. In fact, that was the only reason I knew the singles feature existed. At least the to-do list has a FAQ, even if it hasn't received any updates in the nine years I've been on LJ.

Get rid of the popular entries and LJ today. I could care less about those. I'd prefer to see the news on my profile page like we used to before you decided to bury it.

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